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Wizard Watch is a feature in Prodigy Math.


The icon shows three wizards connected by a dotted line, creating a circle. When clicking/tapping it or logging in, a pop-up will cover the entire screen and what shows up is on a tier list as follows:

  • Official Prodigy news
  • What you missed last night
  • What's going on today
  • What happened a while ago

Two other tabs are on the side labelled "Me," and "Friends." The Me tab will show what you haven't shared at the top, and everything else you have shared, saving only your 16 newest posts. The Friends tab consists of what the main tab has, but without Prodigy news included.

In-Game Usage

It helps you keep track of your friends, classmates, and people you friend request. You can like their prizes they got when shared. You can also share your prizes you get so others can like it. It also has a news area so you can find out the new updates upcoming. So be on watch!


  • It was added around June 2018.


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Wizard Watch

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