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On June 20, 2018, an update called "Badges, Everyone Needs Badges!!" added a new set of awards for wizards to earn achievements by mastering mathematical skills in Prodigy Math. This is similar to the battle update that came later in the year.

New Skill Completions

As of the update, seeing a "skill complete" section after getting a mathematics prompt correctly answered would say "Correct! Skill Complete!" and then says which skill has been mastered. Clicking the confirmation button moves the battle forward.

Ranking Up: Earning Them

Badges will easily be seen when earned in battle by an animation of stars collecting together (mastered skills) to form a skill award badge. It will state which level of education it is for and for what skill.

Badge Collections

The trophy icon on the bottom overworld toolbar, when clicked on, opens the Awards Menu. One of the farthest-to-the-right options has your collection menu where you can view the many different badges you've earned per level. The levels represent grades of education from Grade 1 to Grade 8. These collections have a mascot gem or mineral:

  • Grade One: Stone
  • Grade Two: Amber
  • Grade Three: Garnet
  • Grade Four: Emerald
  • Grade Five: Ruby
  • Grade Six: Topaz
  • Grade Seven: Amethyst
  • Grade Eight: Diamond

The symbol minerals and gems also have a deeper purpose. Prodigy stated that with the more sides or vertices that the mascot gem or mineral has, the more difficult the skills are to master. This is an easter egg for geometry, a mathematics skill learned by many when they reach High School.

Other than the geometric easter egg, there is no significance to the Wizard Skill Badges. Many have previously speculated that each level had significance to a specific Elements in the game, but there is no evidence to confirm this.

The collections each have small menus per each level, and show how many more skills how have to master to earn the next badge for each skill. There can be similar skill types present across multiple grades/badge classes/badge collections.


Grade Badges


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