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The user interface is what the player uses to control their character (The Wizard) in Prodigy Math.

User Mechanics

Wizards are attached to a special User ID: Prodigy servers use this to determine the data of the account players log in with. Players' User IDs match the number of accounts that had been created at the time they joined Prodigy, including their account. Nobody currently knows who the first player is because there are millions of Prodigy players, but they can view their ID by opening Settings in-game.

Wizarding Interface Guide

This consists of the bottom menu on the user interface playing screen and the wizard panel accessed by clicking on wizards.

The Hotbar

The hotbar contains of open slots, which change and switch places depending on in-game events, updates, and Membership status. Here are the current slots in The hotbar, from left to right.

This is the hotbar in Prodigy. The little bag is where you can put on your equipment like your outfits, boots and wands. The paw print is where you can equip and change your pets. The scroll/paper is the map, where you can switch areas and see your quests’ progress throughout the game.

The trophy shows you season details for arena season and allows you to teleport there. Bounties show you your bounty points and any current bounties you are still hunting. After you click on the trophy, near the top of the pop-up you will see a button with the word "Bounties" on it. If you click that, it will show you how many bounties you can accept and how many bounty points you have. Awards show the goals you can reach. Badges can be earned from answering questions. The gear is where you can see what world you are on and you can link your account to a parent account here. The chat bubble allows you to do dance moves, throw various things and talk. You can only say a limited amount of words programmed in the math game for safety of the students in prodigy game.

There is also an extra button to get into Lamplight Town if there is a festival going on. For example, during Starlight Festival there is another button with a star on it, and when you press on it, you can head to the Town Square in Lamplight Town.


Clicking on this will pop up a panel in which you can purchase a membership. Members can still see this regardless if they have a membership. You can only get a Membership by 1) Paying for it 2) Getting it from linking a Parent Account (Only lasts for a week) 3) sharing a Teacher Account and getting a 3-month Membership. With a Membership you get Exclusive Gear, Hair, Houses, Hairstyles, and much, much more!


Clicking on the Bag slot will open a reformatted inventory and wizard panel, to the left showing current equipment that was equipped (hats, outfits, boots, wands, relics, buddies, and mounts), the top with another menu for items, currency, and equipment, and the right to show the pocket for each currently-opened menu panels. You can also equip the Fluffy Cloud by clicking the mount button. The Cloud Mount is a Members-only feature.

Spell Book

This was an old button that was removed from the game in the latest battle update. As mentioned before in the Spellcasting section of this article, the Spell book opens to have up to six open card slots placed out before you. Choose from your own spell cards to be able to use those spells in battles. In the new update, the Spell Book was removed and your wizards' spells are now based on your relic and wand.

Pet Book

Pets can be added to your team to battle with you but you have to rescue them first.

You can get a pet by battling and greatly reducing its health. After weakening the monster to below half its health, you can break the mind illusion spell and the pet will then join your team out of gratitude.

There are many alternate ways to get pets like buying them from merchants, earning them from rescuing Wardens, and more.

You can only have two pets on your team, but you can have more pets and swap them in and out by clicking the pet, then clicking the pet you want to swap. Pets learn and evolve spells just like your wizard. When the game was younger you actually had five pets equipped, now you can only have two.

Sometimes when you get a pet, you can evolve it if you have membership into a "cooler" pet, and by false gossip, "stronger". For instance, Aracute evolves into Arachex. Some pets like Nebluff and Mimic do not evolve. Most pets have only 2 or 3 evolutions: Burnewt is the only one that has 4.

Island Map

Pressing the Map button will display a map of the world, clicking on one of the areas you see will tell you about it and will ask you if you want to teleport there. If the area is an area with a quest, it will display the quest information. If you finish the quest you get a Warden Keystone.


This slot only appears when an event is going on and is decorated depending on the event that is going on. What the slot button does is simply teleport you to the Town Square where all the events in Prodigy take place. For instance, in Summerfest the Event slot shows a sun, and in Pumpkinfest it shows a pumpkin.

Awards Menu

A trophy icon that when clicked, gives you an option to go to the Arena, view your Bounties, awards, and badges.


A settings area for changing video, screen size, audio, song volume, voice volume, networks, Prodigy world, and signing out of your account.


For opening to show emoticons, emotes, items you can use outside of battles, and hospitable words to write out to other players. You can't just chat using any word, though. You need to choose one of the ones that Prodigy has written out for you, to prevent cursing, offensive comments, how to beat the game, etc. There might be a real chat in the future, just with filters.

Wizard Watch

For all of your friends' and classmates' social feed sent to you. You can also post all of your achievements so your friends to see and like as well! The Wizard Watch will also give you notifications relating to events and updates. For Example, "Help Mama Star earn Star Shards!", is a notification shown during Starlight Festival.


A panel to show your friends and status. You can remove them whenever you want and you can battle them if they're online too! You can also go to their house at any time, unless they've locked it, which means no one except them can go to their home.


Prodigy's official news, Member Boxes, Goal rewards, and Sir Vey's surveys can be given to you via this mailbox. You will also receive parent reward boxes there if your parent has sent one from their account. It also provides notifications like when updates come out or when the Titan falls.

Magic Mart

A shop to buy previously available items such as old Member Box items and old Arena (Coliseum) items.

Wizarding Panel

Once you click on a wizard, a panel will open up and contains five-slot options if you click on yourself, or three slot options if you click on another wizard. Regardless of wizard clicked, you can see their stats and equipped items. If you click on yourself, you have an option to change your style. If you click on another wizard, you have other options to battle, befriend, or visit their house.

The Wizarding Panel contains a wizard's gear, cosmetics, statistics (amount of gold, amount of stars, amount of hearts and floor on the Dark Tower).

Leveling Up


How to Level up fast in Prodigy (5 methods)

Leveling up only goes so far. You start out as Level 1 and complete the tutorial at Level 3. The maximum level achievable is Level 100. You cannot use an area spell until you complete the tutorial. You can't access your House, Lamplight Town, Dyno Dig Oasis, Epics Subspace, Tower Town or The Dark Tower until you reach Level 5. You can't battle with Titans until Level 8, you can't use an All-Out Attack until Level 10, you can't access the Academy until Level 15, you need to be Level 20 to go to Harmony Island, and can't place the Firefly Gem until Level 25, and you also can't place the Shiverchill Gem until Level 35.It is currently unknown which level you need to be to place the other gems since the other Elemental Towers have yet to be released.


  • As the first player goes by the User ID of 1, you can see the first player's player data.
  • In Crystal Caverns and Harmony Island, you will still be able to switch pets but not use the Chat. The Chat will not be able to be used since no other wizards are seen in the Crystal Caverns or Harmony Island, making it pointless.