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Culix Hat #022: Culix Hat
Hat Number 023
#024: Winterfest Hat Winterfest Hat

Trialmaster's Circlet is a hat in Prodigy Math.


A circlet with somewhat emerald rhombuses, two light-purple feathers for decoration, and two stone rhombuses. It has similar features to Apprentice's Circlet, but with different designs. The icon appears to be the Apprentice's Circlet.

In-Game Description

"This ceremonial circlet is exceedingly rare and grants wisdom to those who wear it. Who would give it up?"

Perfect Pairing


  • This item uses the same icon in the backpack UI as the Apprentice's Circlet. This is because Prodigy has not made an icon for this item.
  • It used to be the only 10 Heart Bonus hat in Prodigy, now it shares this trait with the Celestial Helm and the Cake Topper.


Change History

Version ?

Version ?

  • This hat was made unobtainable for players.