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Tech Wizard Suit is an outfit in Prodigy Math.


It is a navy blue coat adorned with double-shoulder-plates. There's an added solid blue shirt underneath with cyan and silver gem decorations. The sleeves have metal tips. The right arm appears to have a tech cannon as a substitute for a lower arm.

In-Game Description

"A super cool suit built with the latest and greatest technology."

How to Obtain

This outfit was formerly given as a reward for the November Arena. To receive it, the player had to earn at least 8,000 Arena Points during the month of November. The player can also obtain this outfit from Magic Mart.

Perfect Pairing


  • This outfit is supposed have a robot/futuristic theme to it.
  • Like the Retro Rocket Spacesuit, this outfit has a blaster on one of the arms.


Change History

Version ?
Version ?
  • This outfit was made unobtainable for players.

Version 6.3.0
  • This outfit was made obtainable through Magic Mart.