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Wand Number 135
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Tech Wizard Laser is a wand in Prodigy Math.


It is a gray and dark teal canister, with one end having a protruded lightsaber, soft mint-cyan in coloration. There are two parts which, if you look closely, you'll see two parts of which the wand/lightsaber is light blue and not blue.

In-Game Description

"If you swing this wand around in the dark it looks pretty cool. Look at it glow!"

Obtainment Methods

This wand is given as a reward for the November Arena. To get it, the player must get at least 15,000 Arena Points during November. The player can also obtain this wand from Magic Mart.

Perfect Pairing


  • This wand resembles the Lightsaber from Star Wars.


Change History

Version ?
Version ?
  • This wand was made unobtainable for players.

Version 6.3.0