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Spells and Epic Spells are a form of magic that wizards or pets and Epics use to attack.

As of September 13, 2018, all previous spells are obsolete and new spells have taken their place.

New Spell Compilation

Icon Name Element Strength (1-6, 6 being highest) Range
FireIcon.png Fireball Fire 1 1
FireIcon.png Combustion Fire 2 1
FireIcon.png Volcannon Fire 3 1
FireIcon.png Embers Fire 4 3
FireIcon.png Charclone Fire 5 3
FireIcon.png Wildfire Fire 6 3
FireIcon.png Molten Crash Fire 3 1
IceIcon.png Icicle Shard Ice 1 1
IceIcon.png Chill Out Ice 2 1
IceIcon.png Snowling Ball Ice 3 1
IceIcon.png Winter's Breath Ice 4 3
IceIcon.png Snowflake Strike Ice 5 3
IceIcon.png Spearicle Crush Ice 6 3
IceIcon.png Frozen Fracture Ice 3 1
StormIcon.png Spark Sphere Storm 1 1
StormIcon.png Shockwave Storm 2 1
StormIcon.png Ion Cannon Storm 3 1
StormIcon.png Static Shock Storm 4 3
StormIcon.png Storm's Coming Storm 5 3
StormIcon.png Unlimited Power Storm 6 3
StormIcon.png Electro Boom Storm 3 1
WaterIcon.png Water Burst Water 1 1
WaterIcon.png Aqua Spear Water 2 1
WaterIcon.png Torrent Water 3 1
WaterIcon.png Bubble Barrage Water 4 3
WaterIcon.png Splash Down Water 5 3
WaterIcon.png Downpourtal Water 6 3
WaterIcon.png Bubble Smackdown Water 3 1
WaterIcon.png Ink Blot Water 3 1
PlantIcon.png Fungi Fling Earth 1 1
PlantIcon.png Leaf Swarm Earth 2 1
PlantIcon.png Forest's Hurricane Earth 3 1
PlantIcon.png Shrubbery Strike Earth 4 3
PlantIcon.png Ka-Pow Cabbage Earth 5 3
PlantIcon.png Overgrowth Earth 6 3
PlantIcon.png Sneaking Vine Earth 3 1
AstralIcon.png Starbit Blast Astral 1 1
AstralIcon.png Light Wave Astral 2 1
AstralIcon.png Falling Star Smash Astral 3 1
AstralIcon.png Star Cluster Astral 4 3
AstralIcon.png Prism Blast Astral 5 3
AstralIcon.png Super Nova Astral 6 3
AstralIcon.png Focus Spell 1 Astral 6 3
AstralIcon.png Co-Op Beam Astral 1 1
AstralIcon.png Co-Op Final Attack Astral 2 1
AstralIcon.png Ray of The Ancient Astral 3 1
AstralIcon.png All-Out Attack Astral 6 3
Spell Lock None N/A 1
Spot Switch None N/A 2
Switch Lock None N/A 1
ShadowIcon.png Shadow Shock Shadow 1 1
ShadowIcon.png Royal Roar Shadow 6 3
ShadowIcon.png Spike Strike Shadow 1 1
ShadowIcon.png Crystal Crash Shadow 4 3
ShadowIcon.png Yeti Smash Shadow 4 3

Epic Attacks/Spells

The Epics each have their element, and all of them have their own Epic Attack. For players to obtain the Spell, they must buy the corresponding Toy for the Epic (currently unobtainable due to being discontinued in 2018) and unlock them for one player, Below is a list of the spells:

Icon Name Epic Element
StormIcon.png Storm's Wrath Big Hex Storm
PlantIcon.png Forest's Fury Florafox Earth
IceIcon.png Frigid Blast Arctursus Ice
WaterIcon.png Tidal Twister Diveodile Water
FireIcon.png Hot Snow Magmischief Fire
StormIcon.png Umbra Blast Eclipse Storm
FireIcon.png Totality Luma Fire
WaterIcon.png Thermal Prism Chill & Char Water
WaterIcon.png Tsunami Tidus Water

Each of the spells has an element, changed recently with multiple battle/combative updates. They all correspond with their owners' elements. All epic attacks are area spells that look like the fully evolved normal spell of its element.

Energy cost of spells

Casting a spell gains 1 energy, so a no-energy spell gains one energy, 1 energy spell gains zero energy, etc.

All-Out Attack: 10 energy

1st spell: No energy required

2nd spell (area spell): 3 energy

3rd spell (wand spell): 4 energy or 3 energy if it's wepon like sage edge

4th spell (relic spell): 1 energy

Epic Attacks: No energy required


  • Epic Attacks are the only spells that haven't changed their name, but they did have their look altered.
  • All Astral spells that pets knew have been replaced with Storm spells because that element is now wizard-only.
  • The original Royal Roar closely resembled Zero; an old Astral Spell.
  • All spells that heal the player and pets have been removed from the game.
  • Some spells have had their look but not their name changed, for example: Storm's Coming and Fireball.




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