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Shiver & Scorch is a WaterIcon.png Water Element Mythical Epic pet/buddy in Prodigy Math.


Shiver is a blue dragon with light blue horns made of ice. It has orange eyes and two sharp teeth that point upwards. Its belly is a lighter blue than the head and it contains a single purplish rock. In the middle of the two is a lavender-colored rock that is cracked open and has darker purple fragments surrounding it. Scorch is a red dragon with rock-like horns and fire all down the back. It has blue eyes and an orange underbelly. Like Shiver, there is a single rock along the front arm. Both of their bodies fade into purple where they are connected with dark purple rocks lining the back since red and blue make purple. Their tail ends in a lavender puff.

In-Game Description

"Shiver & Scorch are best friends, not just because they share a body, but because their abilities compliment each other so well."

Obtainment Methods

To obtain Shiver & Scorch, the player has to complete Ulla's task.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Water element is weak against:

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


Shiver & Scorch doesn't evolve into or from anything, because Mythical Epics cannot evolve.

Mythical Epics
Shiver & ScorchIcon.png
Shiver & Scorch
Blast StarIcon.png
Blast Star
Tidus's Mythical
Insert Image Here.png
Florafox's Mythical


Element Spell Level Slot Range
FireIcon.png Fireball N/A A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Combustion 20 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Volcannon 31 A 1 out of 3
IceIcon.png Winter's Breath 4 B 3 out of 3
IceIcon.png Snowflake Strike 20 B 3 out of 3
IceIcon.png Spearicle Crush 36 B 3 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Water Burst N/A C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Aqua Spear 21 C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Torrent 32 C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Bubble Barrage N/A D 3 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Splash Down 22 D 3 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Downpourtal 37 D 3 out of 3
Sometimes, pets can learn either/or of a move.

Upon unlocking Shiver & Scorch, the pet also unlocks Thermal Prism, which is Chill & Char‘s Epic attack as well.


  • Shiver & Scorch share a description with Chill & Char, the only difference being Shiver & Scorch's names replace Chill & Char's.
  • The items for Shiver & Scorch are Torn Toy, Warped Ice, and Dragon Scales.
  • They are the third Mythical Epic to be released in Prodigy Math.
  • Shiver & Scorch has the fire element in front, and Chill & Char has the ice element in front.
  • Its epic attack was spelled incorrectly, and showed "Thermal Prisim" instead of "Thermal Prism." The spelling error is now fixed.
  • The sprite sometimes appears inanimate. One wizard's Shiver & Scorch would move, and another's wouldn't. This could be a glitch.
  • Even though they appear to be a Fire/Ice pet, their element is Water.


Change History

Version 6.26.0