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Removed Content
This page contains information about removed content that may or may not return in a future version of the game.

Ray of The Ancient is an A cartoonish symbol of a compass rose, representing the Astral Element. At the center of the compass rose is a large, four-pointed yellow star, with a light blue rhombus between each point for a total of four. The compass rose has a dark blue outline. Astral Element spell in Prodigy Math Game.


Concentrated astral energy causes large, bright beams to form in the shape of a double helix. Two twirling streams burst from the middle, whilst four smaller streams surround the white-colored flame. As the two main streams come closer together towards the opponent, rings of golden light surround them, keeping the streams on a stable course for impact. It smashes into the opponent/foe, a sheet of sparks blasting off as the cosmic streams continue to twirl through the opponent, as particle radiation. When the main streams begin to fade, the flame builds up as an attempt to build up and reconnect, merging the four smaller streams into it, then finally fading away into thin air.


This spell can be learned through the obtainment of the Ancient Astral Relic after defeating The Ancient in the sixth trial.

Strength and Weaknesses[]

Astral element is weak against:

  • None

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


  • There are no other Astral Relics in Prodigy except for the Flash Relic.
  • It is the last spell to be obtained from a relic in Harmony Island.
  • It appears a little similar to another astral spell, called Light Wave.
  • The ray of the spell is angled differently to taller sprites than to smaller sprites.
  • There is a glitch where if the player uses it against Pippet, the ray misses him entirely. This Glitch has now been fixed.
  • There is another glitch when someone in the Arena (Harmony Island) uses the spell, it shows a flash of light right before the spellbook appears.
  • Like Frozen Fracture, when this spell is cast on a Titan, it misses entirely.


Change History[]

1 April 2021