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If you don't have the proper privileges, please do not edit or rollback this article. Contact an admin or moderator to have your suggestion noticed if you wish to have rules here changed.

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The Prodigy Game Wiki.

All users, including wiki staff members, are required to abide by these rules.


  1. Respect everyone; stop means stop.
  2. Fandom's ToS (Term of Use) require users to be 13+. Everyone here is free to report to Fandom if a user violates the Terms of Use. Additionally, do not share your age if you are under 16+ due to COPPA regulations.
  3. Do not swear.
  4. All content on the wiki should be age appropriate, meaning PG-13 or lower.
  5. Vandalism, Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM), or unsolicited advertisements are all strictly prohibited.

General Guidelines

  1. Your username or profile picture may not contain not safe for work content (i.e. swearing, gore), or hate.
  2. Mini-modding, or telling users that they are breaking a rule without the proper rights will result in a warning. Mini-modding can make situations worse and cause confusion amongst people.
  3. Do not troll, harass, or berate other users or disrupt their experience. Encouraging unjust harassment of any form is also prohibited.
  4. Impersonation is not allowed. Impersonation involves stating or pretending that you are a person, but you are not.
  5. If you have been blocked from the wiki and you think you were unfairly blocked, check your contributions to see which admin blocked you and then contact them on Community Central.
  6. Do not share private information, and do not solicit private information from others. If you ever feel like you are being forced to share information you do not wish to share, report it. Private information includes full names, age (unless you are comfortable with sharing it), email addresses that may reveal sensitive information, personal photographs of yourself, or anything else that could identify you outside of the internet.

Behavior Guidelines

  1. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated.
  2. Necroposting is not allowed. This means making a comment on a post that hasn't been used in two weeks or more, without providing any valuable additions to the discussion.
  3. Stirring up drama is strictly prohibited. Doing it intentionally or for attention can result in a block.
  4. Sharing malicious hacks/cheats is prohibited from the wiki. Malicious hacks are any hacks that can potentially damage someone else’s Prodigy experience, such as taking their account, causing them to lose progress or similar.
  5. Do not share hacked accounts, or ask for your Prodigy account to be hacked. When you share an account, whether it's an alt or main, you possibly expose personal information such as your grade, age, real name, and IP address (which applies to all accounts). Stealing account data is a blockable offense.

Editing Guidelines

  1. You must comply with the Manual of Style.
  2. Do not in any way alter the wiki without first obtaining the "Autoconfirmed users" user right. To obtain this user right, wait four days with a registered FANDOM account.
  3. This wiki is in English, so you should only write in English, and use simple English that can be understood by most users
  4. New pages and categories will be reviewed by admins and content moderators, who will decide if they fit with the goals of the community knowledge base. See the Category Guide for details on currently existing categories.
  5. Opinions go in the comments, not in the article.
  6. Only edit your profile, unless adding the {{Blocked}} template to a blocked user's page or you have permission to edit. Profiles violating guidelines can be reported to a moderator, and there is no need to edit them yourself.
  7. Please do not add links to pages that don't exist.
  8. Galleries should have clear, transparent pictures.
  9. Do not edit if it won't improve the reading experience.
  10. Do not edit farm (Editing something multiple times when you could have done it in one go).
  11. If you believe that the protection level on an article is not right, contact an admin or content moderator.
  12. Please do not put "hacking" as an obtainment method in the equipment info-boxes on articles. Any item can be obtained with hacking, therefore doing this is pointless.
  13. Placing duplicate links and images on article pages is not permitted.
See also
  1. Prodigy Game Wiki:Manual of Style
  2. User blog:Glaciersong/Uploading Images v2
  3. Help:Vandalism
  4. Internet troll

Image/Video Policy

  1. All media must be child-friendly.
  2. Art theft is not allowed.
  3. Images may be deleted without notice. This is not an image dump.

Additional Policies

  1. Other Wiki Policies
  2. Discussions Guidelines
  3. Manual of Style
  4. FANDOM's Terms of Use


As with any mistakes, you will get warnings and reminders. However, if we believe something isn't a mistake and is an attempt to cause disruption — which we don't normally believe — then you may be indefinitely blocked. After 3 warnings, you will receive a two week block. See below for more information on punishments.


For minor offenses, you will receive a warning from one with permission to do so. After receiving (usually) 3 warnings, you will be blocked, however, this block will most likely be temporary.

Warnings expire after two weeks, unless specified otherwise in the message. Warnings are NOT to be deleted, and deleting one will only result in another warn.


Blocks will prevent you from interacting with the wiki in any form, such as editing, commenting, etc. In most cases, you will still be able to edit your user page and message wall, however, this access may be revoked.

Blocks may be temporary or indefinite, and they may affect only your username or your IP address as well as username. If SOAP blocks you, your email address may also be blocked. If you are blocked across the FANDOM network (which is out of our control), you, your alternate accounts, your email, and your IP will all be blocked.