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If you don't have the proper privileges, please do not edit or rollback this article. Contact an admin or moderator to have your suggestion noticed if you wish to have rules here changed.

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You may only apply if you fulfill the requirements; applications made by users that do not fit all requirements will have their applications deleted unless there are positions that desperately need to be filled. Everything on this page is subject to change.


Inactive staff will be demoted if they possess the Inactive Profile Tag and have not made consistent contributions or moderator actions within the past three (3) months.


Staff may choose a successor for some or all of their user groups to replace them when they leave their staff position in any way, temporarily or permanently. The successor must fit the promotion requirements, have no blocks in their history which lasted longer than 2 weeks, and have no reasonable global blocks in their history.

Promotion Requirements

Promotions are open year-round, Meaning you may submit a staff application when you think you are ready for it, whenever you'd like. When submitting an application, please make a blog post using this form.


This role is an entry-level role for staff. This role does not have set requirements—anyone can be applicable, within reason. You may be given this role if you are approved by a majority of semi-active and active staff members. If an inactive staff member responds to the application, however, their opinion will be counted.

Thread Moderator

  • Prerequisite: Rollback
  • Length of time contributing: 3+ months
  • Badges required: Fire Gem (100 day streak) badge or higher
  • Edit count: 500+
  • Post count: 2500+
  • Block Log: Must have no blocks in their history
  • Leaderboard: 40+ place. 1,500+ points.

Content Moderator

  • Prerequisite: Rollback
  • Contribute: 3+ months
  • Badges required: Storm Gem (30 day streak) badge or higher
  • Edit Count: 2500+
  • Post count: 500+
  • Leaderboard: 40+ place. 1,500+ points.


  • Prerequisite: Moderator
  • Contribute: 6+ months
  • Edit Count: 5000+
  • Post count: 4000+
  • Leaderboard: 15+ place. 5000+ points.
  • Be active for an extended period of time
  • Be agreed upon by the rest of the staff
  • Have general community consensus


A bureaucrat will promote an admin if they choose to leave and give up their user rights. Otherwise, there is no need for a new bureaucrat. If there is currently no active Bureaucrat, you may contact Community Central for an adoption request if you have permission from an administrator. There can only be two bureaucrats at a time, maximum.


  • You may be promoted with blocks in your history if you have only been blocked for being underage, by mistake, etc..