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Mystile #050: Mystile
Pet Number 051
#052: Snoots Snoots

Mystember is a FireIcon.png Fire Element pet in Prodigy Math.


Mystember resembles a horse made out of rocks and lava. It has a brownish-grey body with dark brown rocks attached to its back, while it has a light brown underbelly and a mane that is made out of lava spilling out of its head. It has amber eyes and its snout is colored tan. It has two dark oval marks resembling coal under its eye. Its hooves are dark brown rocks, and its legs are dotted with two brown marks on the front, and three on the hind legs.

In-Game Description

"An angered Mystember can stomp its heavy hooves hard enough to cause a small earthquake!"

Strengths And Weaknesses

Fire element is weak against:

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


It does not evolve from or into anything.

Mystical Ponies

Obtainment Methods

A Mystember appears in Bonfire Spire by itself or accompanying Emburn. A good place to look is the Garden Getaway where you fought Cebollini (after you defeat him) or in the Royal Kitchen just past the Throne Room. It can also be purchased at the Academy for 500 AcademyPages.png Academy Pages.


Element Spell Level Slot Range
FireIcon.png Fireball 1 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Combustion 16 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Volcannon 31 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Embers 4 B 3 out of 3
FireIcon.png Charclone 21 B 3 out of 3
FireIcon.png Wildfire 31 B 3 out of 3
StormIcon.png Spark Sphere or Fungi Fling 6 C 1 out of 3
PlantIcon.png Shockwave or Leaf Swarm 17 C 1 out of 3
StormIcon.png Ion Cannon or Forest's Hurricane 32 C 1 out of 3
PlantIcon.png Static Shock or Shrubbery Strike 8 D 3 out of 3
StormIcon.png Storm's Coming or Ka-Pow Cabbage 18 D 3 out of 3
PlantIcon.png Unlimited Power or Overgrowth 33 D 3 out of 3
No Unique Spell
Sometimes, pets can learn one of multiple spells.


  • Mystember's name may be taken from the words, "myst" and "ember."
  • There are also four other equine pets in the game that share unicorn-like sprites. They are named Mystile, Mystyyk, Mysticle (which was added during Winterfest), and Mysty (which was added during Summerfest).
  • This pet is found on Floor 35 of the Dark Tower.
  • Its underbelly and tail is identical to a lizard/dragon.
  • The newer sprite may be based on the longma (a mythical horse with dragon scales.)
  • Mystember slightly resembles Pyromane.