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Light Wave is an AstralIcon.png Astral Element spell in Prodigy Math.


The wizard uses their hands or wand to gather up energy, then project it out at their opponent in a bright and blinding fashion, causing them to take damage. Blue sparks appear on the enemy when the spell hits them.


This spell can only be learned by wizards.

Strength and Weaknesses

Astral element is weak against:

  • Nothing

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


  • This spell looks similar to the beam of light that appears when you are battling the Stubborn Shadow in Tower Town.
  • It evolves into Falling Star Smash at level 30.
  • It is similar looking to Ray of The Ancient.
  • This spell does not appear anymore when a wizard levels up, rather it skips straight to Falling Star Smash.


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