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Grandoff, formerly named Dargon, is the boss the player battles at floor 50 in the Dark Tower. According to Mira Shade, he is the "father of all dragons." He is the element of FireIcon.png Fire and uses FireIcon.png Fire and StormIcon.png Storm spells. He is one of Mira Shade's pets who live in the Dark Tower and is weak to WaterIcon.png Water and ShadowIcon.png Shadow element spells.


Grandoff is similar to a dragon, with huge purple horns like a ram's, and a bit similar to Embershed's horns too. It also has mahogany red scales and similar features to Embershed. He has three orange gems on each wing, one in the middle of his forehead, and a large one in the middle of his chest which shimmers about every second or so. He has black claws and black wingtips. Its eyes also appear to be jade-colored.


  • The player obtains 1,000 GoldCoins.png Gold as a reward after defeating him.
  • Its original art was created by Dragolisco, a user on DeviantArt most notable for the art of dragons and other reptiles.
  • "Grandoff" may be an abbreviation of "Grandfather".
  • The spots on his back, as well as the back shadow from one of the horns, disappear briefly during his attack animation.
  • It still retains the old art style.
  • The gem looks like the crystal of the world Emberland.


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