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Trialmaster's Garb #005: Trialmaster's Garb
Outfits Number 006
#007: Dragon Scales (Outfit) Dragon Scales (Outfit)

Glacial Ward is an outfit in Prodigy Math.


Male Appearance

This outfit resembles a white top, and shards of ice drape over the navy blue bottom. Its shoulders have shards of ice hanging over, as well as its hem for a male. An icy pearl gem is centered at the front of the collar according to its icon.

Female Appearance

This outfit resembles a snow-white short-sleeved dress with ice blue gloves, ice shards forming a belt, ice shards on the sleeves, a blue gem on the collar, white pants, and light blue boots for females.

In-Game Description

"It is said the ice crystals used to make this robe will protect its wearer from bad things."

Obtainment Methods

This outfit can be earned from the Miner at Shiverchill Mountains after collecting 50 Ice Crystals.

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