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"Magical beasts that have gone away..."
This page contains information about removed content that may or may not return in a future version of the game.

Geyser was a WaterIcon.png Water Element spell in Prodigy Math.


Spurts of rock explode out of the ground towards the opponent until the ground opens up and lets out hot air, dealing damage to the opponent.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Water element is weak against:

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


This was the fifth spell that Water pets could learn. It could also be learned by wizards who completed the Barnacle Cove quests. It is no longer learnable.


  • While this is a Water spell, there is no water seen during the casting of this spell due to the nature of real world geysers.


Change History

Version ?

Version ?

  • Geyser was made unobtainable to players.