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Firefly Forest is a location on the Prodigy Math Island map. The player can get there by walking from Lamplight Town or using the map to teleport there. Earth element spells can be learned here, although other elemental pets can be found here as well: StormIcon.png Storm (Squawks), IceIcon.png Ice (Ivory TripTrop) and WaterIcon.png Water (Flikflit). It is currently the only elemental area where the player can walk to and from Lamplight Town. This area's currency is Florans.png Florans.


Firefly Forest resembles a big forest with one big tree with bright pink leaves in the middle with a door (Flora's Home) and a big lake in the western area of the map (Stonefish Pond). There are many toadstool mushrooms, pink, yellow, orange, and green trees, dark green bushes, and other nature in this area, making it the elemental area for PlantIcon.png Earth. Occasionally, the Titan appears here.

In-Game Description

"Help Flora reclaim her forest from pesky monsters, thieves, and a sleeping giant. Learn Earth spells and earn the Warden Keystone of Firefly Forest!" (Current)

"Help Flora reclaim her forest from pesky monsters, thieves, and a sleeping giant. Learn Earth spells and earn the Firefly Gem." (Old description)

Relics Obtained Here


These pets can be found here:

On side battles only:

Some pets that used to be obtainable by rescuing but no longer can encounter are:


Here are some nicknames available from Firefly Forest that are not member-only:

  • Woodland (First Name) (Finish at least half of Flora's quests)
  • (First Name) of the Forest (Finish ALL of Flora's quests)

Here are the member-only nicknames available in Firefly Forest:

  • (First Name) the Wild
  • (First Name) Snapdragon
  • (First Name) the Firefly


  • The first monster the player would battle here is a Scally, but the player would originally first battle a TripTrop in older versions.
  • The only places the player can encounter a Forest Neek here is near Gerald, at the Old Road Remains, at the Old Road, at the Mountain Pass, or Firefly Crossing. The player can also encounter a Forest Neek in other places when catching a bounty Forest Neek.
  • Before the December 2016 update, this was the first unlockable area, which might be connected to being the first keystone to be fixed.
  • The boss of Firefly Forest is Gerald. The player can also find a Shadow clone of it in Florian's office where he is trapped. It is also known as Shadow Gerald.
  • The player used to be able to enter Shiverchill Mountains through Mountain Gate.
  • This is one of the few areas in Prodigy to have an item that can be unlocked that is given as a reward for doing something, in this case, catching fireflies.
  • In the older versions of Prodigy, Macha, the merchant from the Epics Subspace, was the Toy Merchant in Firefly Forest.

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