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Infernewt #111: Infernewt
Pet Number 112
#113: Evolotus Evolotus

Embershed is a FireIcon.png Fire Element pet in Prodigy Math.


Embershed resembles a red dragon that breathes fire, with a red body and two large red wings with yellow-orange interiors. It has large beige layered plates lining its jaw to its underbelly, appearing to have two dull blue-black spikes sticking out of its right leg. Embershed has amber-red colored eyes and appears to have dull black, purple, or dark red claws. Its tail appears to fade into a dark purple or red, as well as having flames wave off of it. It has dark red spots on its back and legs and its back leg claws are dark red. Unlike most pets, Embershed doesn't blink its eyes.

In-Game Description

"Embersheds are rare in the mountains, as they spend most of their lives in caves, reading and perfecting multiple languages."


Burnewt — Level 16 ⟶ Singenewt — Level 30 ⟶ Infernewt — Level 45 ⟶ Embershed

Pet with Four Evolution Stages
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4

Obtainment Methods

This pet can be encountered in Bonfire Spire's Garden Getaway along with Burnewt, in the Royal Kitchen, or Volcanic Sanctum. It can also be evolved from Infernewt.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Fire element is weak against:

This element is powerful against:

This element is neutral against:


Element Spell Level Slot Range
FireIcon.png Fireball 1 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Combustion 16 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Volcannon 31 A 1 out of 3
FireIcon.png Embers 4 B 3 out of 3
FireIcon.png Charclone 21 B 3 out of 3
FireIcon.png Wildfire 31 B 3 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Fungi Fling or Water Burst 6 C 1 out of 3
PlantIcon.png Leaf Swarm or Aqua Spear 17 C 1 out of 3
WaterIcon.png Forest's Hurricane or Torrent 32 C 1 out of 3
StormIcon.png Static Shock (rescued)/Shrubbery Strike or Water Burst (varies on evolution) 8 D 3 out of 3 (Earth and Storm)

1 out of 3 (Water)

PlantIcon.png Storm's Coming (rescued)/Ka-Pow Cabbage or Aqua Spear (varies on evolution) 18 D 3 out of 3 (Earth and Storm)

1 out of 3 (Water)

WaterIcon.png Unlimited Power (rescued)/Overgrowth or Torrent (varies on evolution) 33 D 3 out of 3 (Earth and Storm)

1 out of 3 (Water)

No Unique Spell
Sometimes, pets can learn one of multiple spells.


  • An Embershed's spells may contain Forest's Hurricane instead of Torrent, Overgrowth, and Unlimited Power. This is likely due to it have being evolved from previous evolution that has learned those moves.
  • Embershed is the only pet in Prodigy that has different combat stats from its previous evolutions.
  • It's currently the only pet to have 4 evolution stages (Burnewt, Singenewt, Infernewt, and Embershed).
  • This is one of the pets that had an art update on September 29th, 2020, like Squawks, Evolotus, and other pets.
  • There is a hat based on this pet, the Embershed Mask, but no outfit, wand, or boots.
  • Embershed is the only pet to have 3 possible spells in one slot.
  • The final Arena (Coliseum) Wizard, Crios, has the pets Infernewt and Embershed.
  • This pet's description states that they read and perfect multiple languages, which suggests that they are semi-sapient.
  • This pet used to be on the old login screen.