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Elements are factors that affect the strategy of the battles in Prodigy Math.


The elements are both imbued into both combat entities and their attacks (spells). Currently, there are seven elements (AstralIcon.png Astral, ShadowIcon.png Shadow, FireIcon.png Fire, WaterIcon.png Water, IceIcon.png Ice, StormIcon.png Storm, and PlantIcon.png Earth).

Here is where the player can find where which element is most common, in terms of which places are most abundant with entities of the element in question, and what that element's weakness(es) are. Although the physics and study of energies related to each element are not clear due to the magical setting of Prodigy Math Game, players speculate that most net energy on the island, related to the elements, is contained in warden keystones. This was taken into consideration to better represent other locations on the map besides the player, a moving and dynamic entity, that will travel with their unplaced warden keystones. The only known NPCs in Prodigy that can use astral spells are The Ancient, Winston Von Loot, Mira Shade, Cloaked Wizards, and Arena players.

Element Weaknesses and Locations
Element Commonly Found Location Weaknesses
Fire Bonfire Spire and the Fire Tower Water, Shadow
Water Shipwreck Shore and the Water tower Storm, Earth, Shadow
Ice Shiverchill Mountains and and Ice Tower Fire, Shadow
Earth Firefly Forest and the Earth Tower Fire, Shadow
Storm Skywatch and the Storm Tower Ice, Shadow
Shadow Crystal Caverns Astral
Astral Harmony Island, the Academy None

Tips and Strategies

  • Change the player's loadout (including accompanying pets, wand, and relic) in different zones; the player may find it beneficial to use water element pets in Bonfire Spire and use fire element pets in Firefly Forest and Shiverchill Mountains.
  • Pay attention to the diversity of the player's spell arsenal; it may not be the best idea to have two secondary spells (equipped with a wand or relic) of the same element in a place where that spell is weak toward the majority of enemies in the area.
  • In locations where there is a high diversity of non-Shadow opponents of varied elements, prepare for contingencies where it would be useful for a player to have an appropriate Epic(s) (and Epic Attack) prepared, and from every one of the five natural elements (all the elements excluding Astral and Shadow).
  • Pets are not ideal to use against anything that possesses Shadow spells or is of the Shadow element. However, Astral is neutral against all elements, and strong against Shadow.


  • Only the Puppet Master, Pippet, the Titan, Mira Shade, Shadow Gerald, all Crystal Cavern opponents (including Crystal Monsters) except Winston Von Loot, and Glacias can use Shadow element spells.
  • Strengths and weaknesses are concepts that can be partly based on Yugioh, Magic: The Gathering, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Pokémon.
  • Players may believe the elements used in the game are derived from the Wiccan elements. Storm most closely resembles air and lighting/thunder , Astral closely resembles spirit, and shadow closely resemble darkness. Earth, Fire, and Water are copied. Ice has been added.
  • Fire is the only element in the game other than Shadow to have more than one strength.
  • Water is the only element in the game to have more than two weaknesses.
  • Astral is the only element without weaknesses.
  • According to one of the Harmony Island Origins episodes, it says that if one element gets stronger than the others the world will fall into chaos, even though Fire and Shadow have multiple strengths, Water has multiple weaknesses, and Astral has no weaknesses.
  • The Mech element and the Fire/Ice double element were the only elements to have been removed.
  • There are no longer dual-element pets, with only Chill & Char having one in the first place.

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