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Dyno Dig Oasis on the new map

Dyno Dig Oasis is a location in Prodigy Math. It features a mini-game, Dyno Dig, instead of quests. It used to have quests ran by Professor Scoog, but then it changed into a shop. You used to be allowed to battle monsters in this area, but the feature has been removed by the creators.

Dyno Digging

How to Play

This game is only playable if you buy the Dyno Dig Shovel, which costs 75 gold.

The Dyno Dig Game costs 300 gold coins to dig for fossils. Once you click on the shovel button it will have a huge square like background with a yellow ribbon tied around 3 visible wooden posts in the middle it has a square which has 3 buttons; the "Start!" button with a picture of a shovel on the left side, a "How to Play" button with a star on the left, below the start button, and a "Cancel" button with an arrow in a circle, pointing left.

If you press the start button, Professor Scoog looks at you with his right hand on his monocle asking "Ready to start digging for fossils? It will cost you 300 Gold Coins."

There are three Member boosts. One lets you walk faster, one has more fossils, and one lets you dig faster. You can only choose one boost every round.

You have a minute and a half to find as many items as you can. For every 3 items you dig up, you have 15 more seconds to dig other items. Different messages will appear depending on where your player digs.

Once you have completed all of the fossils you will only have to pay 200 gold every time you want to play.


  • Ice cold! (very far)
  • Cold (far)
  • Warm... (close)
  • Hot! (very close)
  • DIG DIG DIG! (There is a item under you, start digging by clicking the shovel button above or below your wizard)

General Items

Completed Fossils

Fossil Image How many Bones?
Pterosaur fossil.png
Triceratops fossil.png
T-rex fossil.png.png
Claustro 10

Merchant Items

Name Category Cost (Coin) Member-Only?
Tools 75 No
Desert Hat  
Desert HatIcon.png
Hat 450 No
Desert Robes  
Desert RobesIcon.png
Outfit 1200 Yes
Pet 1500 Yes
Pet 1500 Yes
Pet 4000 Yes
Pet 4000 Yes
Pet 4000 Yes
Pet 10000 Yes
Pet 10000 Yes
Pet 20000 Yes
House/Items 800 Yes
House/Items 800 Yes
Rugged BedIcon.png
Rugged Bed
House/Items 800 Yes
Stuffed DynoIcon.png
Stuffed Dyno
House/Items 800 Yes
Fossil ChairIcon.png
Fossil Chair
House/Items 800 Yes
Dyno SkullIcon.png
Dyno Skull
House/Items 2000 Yes
Excavation TableIcon.png
Excavation Table
House/Items 2000 Yes


Dyno Dig Quests have been removed, but here's what they used to be like:

You would battle pets such as dynos, but they could also have names similar to bounties.

A Pterrocks can be named "Rocksy".

A Stampeed can be named "Stampsy".

A Claustro can be named "Crabbsy".

Also, you could get other Dinos with other names, such as a Pokkit named "Egg Collector".

You can find pets other than dinos in the quests. For example, you could find a Puck named Egg Collector.


"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_0": "Welcome to OINC",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_0": "Scallys are causing problems for OINC, challenge a few of them to help out",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_1": "Can You Dig It?",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_1": "The Professor wants you to bring him a Terrosaur bone",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_2": "Hats Off",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_2": "Find the monster with the Professor's hat and defeat it",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_3": "Getting Hot in Here",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_3": "Defeat fire monsters to save the oasis from roasting",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_4": "Learning Experience",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_4": "Find and defeat Terromites to learn about their behaviour",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_5": "TAG! You're it!",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_5": "Collect tags from Dynos",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_6": "Moog's Evil Scheme - A Novel",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_6": "Track down Moog's men and take a copy of his evil scheme",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_7": "Spoke Too Soon",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_7": "Find and defeat Moog's head assistant, Spokes",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_8": "Crabwalking",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_8": "Find the Dynos that are stealing equipment from Scoog",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_9": "Egg Hunt",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_9": "Collect the eggs from Moog's egg collectors",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_10": "The Ptrouble with Pterrotells",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_10": "Defeat pterrotells for Moog, and discover what has them so cranky",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_11": "Dyno Force Four",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_11": "Defeat Moog's henchman and his Dynos!",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_12": "Nesting Grounds",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_12": "Defeat different Dynos, and follow them to the nest",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_13": "The Bigger They Are...",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_13": "Defeat the incoming Dynos!",

"QUESTS_DINO_NAME_14": "Prehistoric Panic",

"QUESTS_DINO_DESC_14": "It's Professor Moog and the Primo Dyno! Defeat them!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_0": "Ponduberous! You certainly are helpful, young chap!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_1": "Let's get to it, then! Ready to help OINC?",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_2": "Well now, what have we here? A young explorer in training, perhaps?",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_3": "Oh, but where are my manners? I, my young friend, am Professor Scoog...perhaps you've heard of me?",


"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_5": "Hm, well that's quite alright. I am the leader of the Oasis Institute of Natural Creatures! Or, OINC, for short.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_6": "Right now we're in the middle of a very important dig, and we sure could use your help!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_7": "First, let's see what you're made of! We've been overrun by Scallys the last few days...makes it hard to dig. Go challenge a few for me, will you?",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_8": "You did it, young wizard! As a token of my gratitude, take this shovel!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_9": "The shovel will allow you to help us dig for fossils! To do so, just click the spinning star nearby!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_10": "Now then, OINC has chosen this site for its greatest quest - the search for Dynos!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_11": "Dynos are monsters that are long extinct, and have left their fossilized remains here in the oasis.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_12": "We want to learn more about them, so we work hard to dig them up!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_13": "Now that you have a shovel, you can help! Try digging for a Terrosaur bone, or challenge some monsters who carry them.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_14": "While you were away, a monster came and STOLE MY HAT! Be a dear and go fetch it for me, will you?",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_15": "THAT'S IT! Ah, my lucky hat...though truth is, I do have quite a few lucky hats...",




"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_19": "You know what? Keep the hat! Consider yourself an honorary member of OINC!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_20": "A real dyno! Oh my...we have much to do! First, we must ensure that these Dynos are safe!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_21": "Defeat a few fire monsters for monsters in a dry forest are BAD NEWS!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_22": "Well now, I think it is time to find our new dyno friends! First, let's see if you can track down some Terromites! Let's see how they battle!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_23": "Oh, and bring back anything they might be carrying!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_24": "OH NO! This item you brought me is an animal tag...this can only mean one thing...",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_25": "This animal tag proves that someone has been mistreating these Dynos...and only one man would do such a thing...",


"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_27": "Moog is a despicable dastardly deviant, who believes that monsters are meant to be kept in cages. Preposterous!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_28": "We must help the Dynos! Go out there and remove all the tags you can find!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_29": "Good work! Here's a new will help you dig faster when looking for fossils!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_30": "We've slowed down Moog for now, but his men are probably out there right now, capturing these Dynos...",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_31": "I have an idea! Go find Moog's men, and challenge them. Perhaps one of them will have a written copy of Moog's evil scheme.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_32": "Moog is dastardly, but he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed...",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_33": "According to this novel, Moog plans to capture the Dynos and put them in some kind of dyno theme park...",


"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_35": "That's not very original at all.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_36": "Regardless, we must stop him at all costs! Go out there and find his head assistant, Spokes. If you defeat him, maybe he and his men will leave.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_37": "It looks like Spokes and his men have left...for now. But they will be back, I assure you!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_38": "For now, we have other matters. A new dyno has been stealing equipment from the dig site...see if you can bring it back.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_39": "Ponduberous! That's 3 Dynos you've found now, alive and well! Oh, how I would love to study them in their natural habitat.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_40": "Alas, the world of science must wait. With Moog still out there, the Dynos will never be safe.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_41": "According to his novel, he next plans to steal dyno eggs. The audacity!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_42": "We must act quickly! Go out there, face his egg collectors, and bring back the eggs!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_43": "You're doing great work, my friend! We're stopping Moog at every turn!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_44": "But all is not well in the natural world. Some pterrotell have been attacking anyone who comes near...perhaps something has them spooked?",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_45": "Find and challenge them for me...perhaps the battle will sooth these Dynos.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_46": "OH NO! It looks like one of Moog's men have captured a team of Dynos!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_47": "You'd better defeat him and release those poor Dynos!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_48": "Enough is enough! It's time to get rid of Moog once and for all!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_49": "I have a theory about Dynos...I believe that a large group of Dynos is run by a single dyno, which I call the Primo Dyno.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_50": "This dyno would be big! And mean! And scary! Scary enough to frighten off Moog forever!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_51": "So, I say we track down this Primo Dyno! First, you'll need to find the nest. Defeat a few Dynos, and they should lead us there.",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_52": "Good! I think we know where the nest is! No sign of the Primo Dyno, so we may have to lure it back somehow...",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_53": "I know! The digging equipment! The loud noises must have disrupted the Dynos...that's why they were stealing it!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_54": "I'll turn on the equipment may have to defeat a few larger Dynos before the Primo Dyno gets here...",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_55": "I hear something coming! It must be the Primo Dyno!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_56": "...what's that on his back...?",




"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_60": "It appears that Professor Moog wasn't riding the Primo Dyno after all...he was a captive himself! Oh, the irony!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_61": "Well my friend, I don't think Moog will be bothering these Dynos anymore, and we have you to thank!",

"DIALOGUE_PROFESSOR_SCOOG_62": "Here, take this shovel - it's the strongest one we have! As a member of OINC, keep up the digging! Who knows what you might find!",

All known pets to be found in quests:

Name Icon Known Custom Names
Egg Collector
Assistant Spooks
Egg Collector


  • There was a glitch where players are able to stand on the house and trees, but it was patched in a later version.
  • The original boss was an evil cow riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex with spikes called Moog.
  • Originally, if you filled your whole museum, you could change your nickname with "<first name>saurus " or "Archaeologist <first name>". Now, you can get the Diggin' Outfit and the Explorer Hat for completing the museum. So the names have been removed from the game.
  • The four dinosaur skeletons on the main floor used to all have the same skeleton sprite in an update. They were all skeletons of Terrosaur. However, this has been patched recently.
  • The skeletons used currently are the ones of the old models, and have yet to be changed to look like the current sprites.
  • If you fill up your whole museum and want to go digging again, Professor Scoog will say: "The museum is full, so we don't need any fossils, but do you want to dig anyway? It will cost you 200 gold." 
  • There is an unfixed glitch where Members can buy 9 of each furniture item from Professor Scoog if you have 0 gold coins. 
  • There used to be a merchant standing near the museum building.
  • The original price for Dyno Dig was 200 gold.


Change History

Version ?

Version ?

  • Dyno Dig Oasis' quests were removed.

Version ?

  • Dyno Dig Oasis minigame was added.

Version ?

  • Dyno Dig Oasis received an art update.