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Draconyx Gear is an outfit in Prodigy Math


Draconyx Gear resembles a spiky medieval-type armor that is red and has a yellowish-orange fire emblem on its chest. The outfit has spiked shoulder pads fitted with a type of silver metal. It seems to have a red ruby or gem embedded into it. The top of the outfit has an iron and a dragon-type design. It is mostly red, resembling the fire element of the wand and thus the gear. Its gauntlets are pointed and also seem to have metal on them. There are also wings, once you wear it, and it looks somewhat demonic in a way.

In-Game Description

"Worn by ancient battle wizards, this gear seems to fit you perfectly, almost as if you were meant to wear it."

Obtainment Methods

This outfit can be bought from the Summerfest Shop for 50 ID20.png Sand Dollars. This used to be the hardest 8 Heart Bonus outfit to obtain but is now a rather common item, about as rare as the Black Fang Coat. The player could also obtain this by doing the old arena.

Perfect Pairing


  • It used to be rather rare, but it is now common (not actual in-game rarities), due to it making a return during Summerfest 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • It is common to see wizards wear it in the Arena because it is a popular choice among wizards.
  • It is one of the three 8 Heart Bonus armor sets.
  • This outfit was formerly obtainable in the old Arena by getting to the Diamond Tier rank at 2500 Arena Points.
  • It is currently unknown if this item will be available at the next Summerfest.
  • It's no longer seen on the Twilight Wheel, due to an update in Prodigy.
  • Despite the previous login screen art, it does not let you fly. The only item that allows you to seem to levitate is Specter Robes and Mira's Robes.
  • It is one of the 3 outfits with a heart bonus of 8, the other two being the Black Fang Coat and Mira's Robes.
  • When someone wears it based on their gender in prodigy, it changes the position of their legs. Female wizards have legs that are closed together while male wizards have legs that are separated from each other.


The world, Firestrike represents Draconyx Gear.


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