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Dark Tower is a medieval-style location surrounded by large rocks in Prodigy Math.


The tower is very tall and pointed at the top, and is colored with multiple hues of purple. It is rested on rocks and has a bridge that leads to the entrance, as well as a ledge close to the top, and off the coast, a small humanoid-looking statue that is also purple. Some predict that the statue is of Mira herself. On the new map, the statue isn't seen and has more of a newer look.


The Dark Tower is a mostly members-only area in Prodigy Math, currently with only the first 5 floors being available for non-members. Before the recent updates, non-members were able to climb the tower. For a while, the player needed to be a member to get through the location on the map. With the Springfest 2019 update, the player can get to their previous location again, but they cannot talk to Mira Shade if they have completed 5 floors from their trial as a non-member.

The Dark Tower has 100 floors besides the outside area. On every floor, there is a chance wheel. Every five floors there is a group of monsters that you have to defeat to continue. After you finish the battle, your progress is saved.

From the Chance Wheel, the player can get positive and negative effects. Those positive effects are 20% of health healed (represented by three hearts on the wheel), 10% of health healed (represented by a single heart), damage increased, and stars gained from battle increased. The negative effects are the loss of 20% of your health (represented by three hearts on the wheel), loss of 10% of your health (represented by a single heart), damage decreased, and switching disabled unless you run out of hearts.

On the 100th floor, Mira Shade reveals herself as the fabled dark magician who lived on the top floor but occasionally came down to wizards outside of the first floor of the tower.


  • When the player defeats Mira Shade on floor 100, they get all three prizes simultaneously, even though she only says she will only give the player the robe.
  • All equipment must be obtained with a membership, with the discontinuation of the Dark Tower equipment items on the Twilight Wheel and Conjure Cube.
  • There was a glitch patched in 2019 where Mira Shade at level 100 could not attack at all in her final form.
  • No monsters in the Dark Tower can be rescued, which might prove a rumor of them being the pets of Mira Shade.
  • Previously, if the player defeated Mira Shade and clicked on the map, she would say "If you leave now, you will have to start on floor 101," even though there is not a 101st floor. Now she says, "If you leave, you won't be able to come back ever again!"
  • The player must battle a clone of themselves and their pets on the 90th floor, but their opponent cannot use food or potions.
  • When the player uses a potion or eats food, the opponent does not attack unlike Harmony Island; they are automatically given another chance to cast a spell.
  • Even though Grandoff is Mira's pet, it cannot be rescued in the wild.


Change History

Version ?

Version ?

  • The Dark Tower received a texture update.

Version ?

  • The Dark Tower received an update to each level's opponent.

Version ?

  • The Dark Tower received another texture update.