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Wands are special equipment that a wizard can equip to increase the amount of damage that they can produce in a battle. Different wands each have a different amount of damage bonus that can cast different spells. However, not all wands have spells, so using the ones with spells will increase your chance of winning. Nearly every wand has an area spell and wands can be collected almost anywhere on the map. Like other items in the game, there are some member-only wands that wizards can only get with a membership. They can still be obtained from battles, Conjure Cubes, or buying wands from shops, but wizards cannot equip them unless they buy a membership. Some wands, like the Training Wand don't come attached with a spell.

Wands can only cast area spells, usually, tier One or Two spells. There are Four wands with a tier-three spell, the Blizzard Buster, the Sword of Earth, the Fork, and the Scissor Saber.

Wands are obtained in many ways, from simply buying them with coins to doing quests to get them.

Nearly all wands have a power bonus that can increase the damage dealt by the holder.

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