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Below is a list of articles that need to be expanded with more information. To see pages that need images, go to Category:Needs Photos or Category:Image Needs Improvement.

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Before you start helping, please READ BELOW. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

We know there's a lot on this list, but it'll eventually be chipped away at if you help us. It's pretty easy, and follow these few short steps to completing each page:

  1. Before you edit the page, this is what you should do! Look around the page and duplicate your tab. Find our Manual of Style, and see if you can find your page's manual. If your page doesn't fit any of the manuals, as in it's not a pet, spell, item, buddy, whatever, it's best to go on and look at another stub page. If it qualifies for a manual of style, make sure you have all of the information you need already on the page or in your mind/on a real source, reformat the page to fit its manual in the order of its categories, information and links on the infobox, and on the written section with the bulk of the text.
  2. Go ahead and get to editing! Now's your cue. Make sure to not remove it from the stubs category, but tell a member of staff to remove it from the stubs instead. It'll be much more organized! Publish your edit before going on, and in the summary say that you've made an attempt in fixing it from being a stub.
  3. Other possible problems...yeesh. There's a lot of problems and cogs still needed to be worked out by the staff, and some pages can't really be worked on. There's a few usual problems with editing, like:
    1. The categories won't show when I edit the stub! This is a common bug on glitchy pages. Simply to on the source-editing mode, scroll to the bottom, and there's a code for the categories. Simply change the category names and make sure that it fits/doesn't glitch when you publish.
    2. It won't allow me to edit the stub due to there only being an "add new page" option at the top instead of allowing to edit! This is a bit hard to do. Go to the top of your search bar, and highlight the entire URL. Click again until you can type more characters in without deleting the original URL. Type the section in quotes excluding the quotes, "?veaction=edit" and it might allow you to edit the page. If you can go into an editing screen and the page isn't protected from you, go ahead.
      1. The page says that my kind of user isn't allowed to edit it! Contact a staff member and report your findings; it might just be protected. There's a chance that the staff will handle the whole problem on their own from there.
      2. It just reloads the page. Contact a staff member so they can figure out the problem.
    3. The page is protected before I can even get into the editing screen! It says that only admins and content mods can edit it. Leave it alone for a while or contact a member of the administrators if it gets to be a big problem or stays there for a long time.

We hope this helps, so get onto editing the stubs and more manuals will be added soon, so try and fix them while you can!

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