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Bonfire Spire (formerly "Volcano Village") is one of the five main areas of Prodigy Math. The player will help Slurpy, a blue slime NPC. The final boss is Cebollini, formerly the chef of Queen Goo-lia. The area's current currency is HotHots.png Hot-Hots.


The upper-right-hand corner of the map is where Bonfire Spire is. The area has tropical trees, dark soil, and ruddy volcanic rock. Ledges and pits are everywhere, covered in either stalactites or stalagmites. Lava fills the caverns to take up all spaces possible. Whatever ledges and grasses that exist have multicolored and exotic fruits and odd-colored weeds growing. Many wizards are in Secret places. Paths can be blocked due to levers switched to 'Don't drain Lava', making chests in secret places come with prices. The icon has a huge volcano.

In-Game Description

"Slurpy is in need of a wizard just like you! Help him learn how to cook, learn FireIcon.png Fire spells, and earn the Warden Keystone of Bonfire Spire!"



The master wizard of Guardian is Slurpy, a blue, young, male medium-sized slime. He wishes to be able to cook for the monarch queen, Queen Goo-Lia. His cooking is very good, but he only knows how to cook one type of food. He was recently given a new, slightly more cartoony and bright look. He has blue eyes and a light blue body made out of slime.


The boss of Bonfire Spire is Cebollini, once thought of as a regular NPC but eventually developed into a vile, villainous character by the completion of the quest-set. He battles the player only once during the final quest, but his fiery spar has three stages (three separate times the player must defeat him). All stages have the fire element intact to their attributes making it easy to beat with a water pet. He battles the player with different meals, which makes him very powerful.

The previous boss was called Slow-Cooker, ridden by Fire Viking. He was like any ordinary boss and had no other stages. He was able to use a wide variety of elemental spells.

Relics Obtained Here


These are pets that can be found here:

*The Flame Creator is only encounterable once by trying to open the green chest and is said to be unable to be rescued, located near a green key-locked chest. However, evolving a Flame Neek twice with a membership results in this pet. Sprite used to be found here, but now the player can get it from Shipwreck Shore paired with a Flikflit.

Side-battles Only


Here are some nicknames available from Bonfire Spire that aren't member-only:

  • Coalwalker (First name)
  • Chef (First name)

Here are the Member-Only nicknames available in Bonfire Spire:

  • Hotshot (First name)
  • Firebreather (First name)
  • Flame Dancer (First name)

Removed Nicknames

  • Firelord (First name)
  • Pyromancer (First name)
  • (First name) the Firedancer
  • (First name) the Hottie
  • Flamewielder (First name)


  • Before Slurpy, the original master wizard of Bonfire Spire was a dwarf bar owner named Chef Mugs. He was probably removed due to his inappropriate name having a connection to beer, a not-so-child-friendly topic of alcohol, which could have rated the game to be mature for that reason and people would not play due to that rating.
  • The player can find seven secret chests in Bonfire Spire, here are two that we know.
    • The first place to go is to go right from Slurpy to Firewatch Road. Then, go back up the stairs and pull the lever back up. Then, go back down the stairs. Lava will rise. Use the Boots of Hotwalk to walk across the lava. After that, go up to another pair of steps to find a secret room where one of the last wizards and the last member chest. This process is for the second lever only.
    • A second secret chest can be found by going to Queen Goo-lia's palace. Once there, take the staircase to the right. It leads to the first secret room. The player has to battle at least one monster (there are three in the room) to get to the staircase in the upper right-hand corner. Take that staircase up and the player will be in the second secret room. This one contains a non-member's chest.
  • The Bonfire Titan was released on May 1, 2019, with the other Titans.
  • When the player switches on the first lever, the second and third lever automatically switch off.
  • This is one of the few places that has a Billyfoot Squirrel, near the third lever, hiding behind a rock.
  • This area's Titan spawns the least.

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