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I Love Voltron I Love Voltron 2 days ago

Evolved pet encounter update

My thoughts-

First when I saw the update is when I was finishing Skywatch quests. I though it was some a reward for completing Skywatch quests.

I checked the fandom and there was a post called "overworld pet update". I was so excited that me was going to get LIOSEN!!! cuz I was not member back then😅 so I wanted to get Liosen. Everyday I came back from school i went to bonfire spire and searched for l Liosen everywhere but I didn't find him💀. ok back to the review so i thought my chance to rescue Liosen and Gloricious finally came!(Gloricious was one of my favorites too!)

Then i found out only members can rescue them. THEN I FELT REAL PAIN.

But now im member with all of my member pets!

and I have rescued about 100 pets which is not a lot for u …

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FoxxxTricky FoxxxTricky 7 days ago

Am back and Better now! I'm so sorry for being such an awful person in the past I hope I can have a fresh start!

Hey if y'all don't remember me it's because I haven't been on here In two years lolol

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AshtonMoonsong AshtonMoonsong 7 days ago

Unreleased Items Masterlist

This is the non-official list of unreleased items in Prodigy Math. Hopefully this will gain a little bit of traction. I will not be adding images, but I will add the links to the items.










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I Love Espeons I Love Espeons 14 days ago

prodigy english thingy

membership: never had 1

wishcoins: 100+

gold: 10000-

i like..;nothing im bored

i hate...; the member box when i bump into it

OH yeah the ppl who give me gold is what i like i that game ;D

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Speckham Speckham 14 days ago

Hi, I'm bored...Anyone wanna chat..?

Don't ask why I made this T>T

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I Love Espeons I Love Espeons 15 days ago

Vegabloom Apperances'


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FireProdigy11 FireProdigy11 22 days ago

Alright forget that wiki lol

Basically, Prodigy Story Wiki has been removed by Fandom. No big deal though. I regretted making it anyways lol, so thanks Fandom!

I will try to still be active enough to post new parts of the story, which by the way has been condensed into a smaller amount of chapters and greatly edited. I thank my friends who have helped me with great ideas and other things that positively effect the story. This adventure of Israel, James, Kella, Javan, and Caleb, and many more to come, might take a while to finish, but I'll certainly have fun doing it. My readers will (most likely) be expecting more chapters from me, so I might as well write more. Plus, if I'm never going to publish it (for MANY copyright reasons) I might as well share it to some people …

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 28 days ago

Files: Dos and Do Nots

Hi, wizards!
While this page is subject to plenty of revisions, for now these are the suggestions the rest of the administrators and content moderators agreed upon regarding file pages.

  • 1 Uploading Files
  • 2 Naming Files
    • 2.1 Wiki-Related Files
    • 2.2 Personal Files
  • 3 Using Files
    • 3.1 On the Wiki
    • 3.2 On Personal Pages
  • 4 Replacing Files
  • 5 Onward

Uploading a file may be the first time the image appears on this wiki or in all of FANDOM. Be very careful of what you do while uploading a new file because if the upload violates policy from the beginning it may be deleted or moved to a new file name.

  • DO NOT upload files if they are:
    • low-quality photographs
    • photographs of faces or other identifiable features of minors
    • files that contain Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) or Not-Safe-For-Li…

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St27 St27 19 July

Tie my shoes

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St27 St27 19 July

Application II

Current Role: Rollback

Role Applying For: Thread Moderator

Experience? If yes, specify: I have experienced html, css, editing formats. I also know marketing - a little bit.

Days Editing: from May 18th, 2020

Edit Count: 4429

Post Count: 5080

Why you should have this role:

The wiki lacks active staff. Solo has been inactive recently. Franciscothepro is not available. Lloyd is the only mod in the wiki and he has to moderate thread and content also. It has been easy for Lloyd because the wiki is semi-active during summer. A big number of users are gone. Other rollbacks are Kaniro and Dia, they are no longer in the wiki. The staff are currently active at Cloud, Glace, Lloyd, Paunch, Knightly and me. Six people is pretty okay; however, the new school year is…

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Cassie Moonshadow Cassie Moonshadow 10 July

A Guide to all the Bots

  • 1 Just so you guys know
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 Pokétwo Bot
    • 3.1 Basics
      • 3.1.1 Catching Pokémon

This blog post is incomplete. I'll try and edit/add more things to it soon.

When you're new to using a specific bot, it can be hard to get used to how it functions and how you can use it. Here is a list of all the help commands used for bots can help you out a bit.

Every command that is of this bot starts with p!.

The command p!help will bring up a guide of all the important commands that you can tell that bot to do. The commands guide is 3 pages long, so there will be two reaction buttons, both of arrows, at the bottom to help you navigate through the pages.

The reaction button of the arrow pointing left will take you to a previous page, while the right arrow will take you to th…

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Cassie Moonshadow Cassie Moonshadow 2 July

Cassie Moonshadow's Application for Rollback

What role are you interested in? Rollback

Experience? If yes, specify. No.

Days Editing: 33

Edit Count: 2622

Post Count: 652

Why you should have this role (3 or more paragraphs):
Before I joined PGW, I used to edit on Wookieepedia as this user. From my experience on Wookieepedia, I learnt important codes, such as referencing and sourcing images. I was also an avid reader of the Featured Status Articles nominations, so I know what makes a quality article. I'd also lead a Trash Compacter Vote, which a lot of the admins/staff said was 'impressive'.

On this Wiki, I've been able to jump from being placed #1000 on the leaderboard to place #85 in 25 days. I contribute here everyday and am currently the top contributor this week. From reading the insanely use…

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Cassie Moonshadow Cassie Moonshadow 30 June

New Titan Look Update

Some of you might've seen the new Titan look. Some of you haven't. That's fine, because that's what this blog is about!

Just yesterday, Prodigy updated the Titan's look. I've only seen the Firefly Forest Titan, but when that titan gets defeated, everyone will be able to see another element's.

But that's not the main point. In my opinion, this new Titan is INSANE. It's definitely an improvement from the old sprite, as it contains a lot more detail, smoother animation and a much scarier look.

I especially like the flowers growing on it; they look sick. When in battle, its attack animation is still the same, but I'm sure it's a HECK TON bigger than the old sprite.

I can't wait to see the other elements' new Titans too!

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Matthewm34773 Matthewm34773 21 June


So today i have a challenge for you guys all secret secret what the prize is if you win so if you see anyone profile page that says busy and its yellow they get eliminated only the persons that people find with busy. Then if you find people active only the ones you catch their out to inactive can't play because and the last one wins okay. Here are the people that are eliminated you have to find busy people first.

__Busy__ __Active__

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Matthewm34773 Matthewm34773 20 June

Arena Finishers

So if you got to the end of the season put your name down here. Congrats finishers



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Matthewm34773 Matthewm34773 20 June

Why do people have to hack on prodigy

So we need an army to get hacking done like gone. So put what you think down here for how to get rid of hacking.


Just Tell Google to shut down the website that people hack with

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Maneskin Maneskin 20 June

im level 98

what level are you?

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Rudyw99 Rudyw99 20 June

best pet in prodigy

ok every one knows pet in prodigy right

well here are the best pets in prodigy

the fifth place goessssss to KEEPER ice type

why: keeper is the strongest ice pet in prodigy not only it does so many damage it also have very good spells he can use ion connon to kill water and use volcano to kill leaf and snow because he don't have torrent against his powerful oppent i'll rate it a fifth place

the fourth place goes to .........

crookfangs!!!! water type

this guy is crazy he have so many power and have super awsome moves volcano to kill his powerful type leaf and also snow and Ion cannon to kill other water pet's what about storm you might ask he also have a chance to get snowing ball with ion cannon.

3rd place goessssss toooooooooo fire type

smoldash …

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Rudyw99 Rudyw99 20 June

How to get infite food with out even spending anything

well everyone in prodigy likes food and food cost alot in this blog i will be showing how to get infite food with out doing anything and you might even get sparkle sunp

first you restart crystal carven then you defeat the monster then you open a snowpile and the other one if your a memeber go open the member chest if there is no food don't press next just reload the page and you can open the member chest again and keep doing it until you get poutine/ you can do it with normal chest too then you restart the advagter then do it until you have 99 poutine and you will get about 75000 shivers which can used to by the rest of the food in crystal carven.

Also if your lucky you can also get the sparkle sunp or maybe the ice dragon tooth crown if you…

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Rudyw99 Rudyw99 19 June

how to easily get to gold in arena

hi I hope this tip will be useful

of how to get to gold just in 3 days in the arena well i did get to silver 2 in enter the cosmic in 1 day lol

here are the tips

  1. get to at least level 5 runes to get better effect
  2. bring better weapons and gear you need at least a 8 heart bounes gear if your not member you can get them in bounty/ black fang gear or at summerfest to get them or you can use arena weapons which are even better you can get the wand's in same places. Or you can bring a ice dragon tooth crown and get so many power!!!! ahhhhhh
  3. bring better pets like crookfang because they have good attack and good extra spell crookfang's volcano can kill snow and leaf type ion cannon kill water pet's which makes crookfang so powerful also if your oppen…

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Rudyw99 Rudyw99 19 June

best way to win pvp in prodigy

Hi i will show you the best way to win pvp and how to never loss in pvp

don't worry it's fair to members and non members

  1. change grade to grade 1 and 2
  2. i recommend grade 2 because the questions are not like drag the dots and that won't waste time.
  3. make sure your team is at least 99 levels are very important like your level 1 the other player is level 100 it's impossible to beat them unless they get all their questions incorrect.
  4. bring better pets like crookfang because they have good attack and good extra spell crookfang's volcano can kill snow and leaf type ion canoon destory water pet's which makes crookfang so powerful also don't bring pet that have extra all range attack spells. If your non member use evoltus and gnawdy.
  5. bring better weapons…
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Prodigyyoi Prodigyyoi 11 June



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Give me the hot dog

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FourSevensRueful FourSevensRueful 30 May

FourSevensRueful's Application for Rollback

What role are you interested in? Rollback

Experience? If yes, specify. I have previously been this wiki's bureaucrat before my second retirement in July 2019 due to burnout.

Days Editing: Less than 1,797 days total since I first joined the wiki. I have edited past my second retirement for at most 934 days.

Edit Count: 19913

Post Count: 6298

Why you should have this role (3 or more paragraphs):

First of all, I have contributed a fair amount to the total page count of our community and have been present as early as four years after its launch. I did not remain a bystander when I noticed all of the gaps of information on the wiki in its early ages thanks to the founder's neglect. I have been present through the thick and thin with the exception of when …

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Princesslyxx Princesslyxx 25 May

My Prodigy OC:

This is my Prodigy OC!! you might have seen me before in Animala if you see me stop by and say hi!! ;P

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TheSystemGuy99 TheSystemGuy99 24 May

Rickroll C++ Program, by TheSystemGuy

  1. You don't sell it, or otherwise profit off of it
  2. Modify it in any way to harm someone's computer. This is intended to be a harmless prank program, not a virus
  3. You credit me properly, or release it into the public domain.
  4. If you plan to use it in your project, please credit me, TheSystemGuy

This agreement must be supplied with every version of the program you create and distribute. Any agreement you make supercedes this agreement, but proper credit to me must still be given.

This software, cannot be licensed under CC-BY, or any form of Creative Commons license. Doing so breaches the agreement and allows you to not credit me.

Some rights are reserved by TheSystemGuy. TheSystemGuy at any time can revoke this license, preventing you from using it in your p…

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Apovse27 Apovse27 21 May

Prodigy buddies

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Teeheeuwu2 Teeheeuwu2 15 May

How to get free membership!

First step, Login to a teacher account. If you dont have one make one and wait 1-3 days then use this guide.

step 2, By your name press "Share prodigy" A drop-down list will appear. Then press *on the drop-down list* Share prodigy.

step 3, Invite someone by email. Everytime this person plays you will get a free membership, If you dont know anyone with a teacher account, make another one add that teacher account by email and get ur alts students to play.

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PlayfulAsKittens PlayfulAsKittens 13 May

About My Prodigy Wizard.

Name: Alexis Stormchaser

Level: 91

Gender: Female

Favorite Pet: Acromi

Acromi Gender: Female (I chose this)

Acromi Level: 89

Coolest Pet: Forest Creator (imo)

Forest Creator Level: 83

Forest Creator Gender: Female (I chose this)

Favorite Place: Academy

Favorite Spell: Storm's Coming

Favorite Wand: Cancer Star Wand

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How to Access Leaks for Prodigy Math

Hello, wizards!

Since the question "How do you access leaks for Prodigy Math?" pops up a lot in our discussions, I'd like to share two simple ways of accessing leaked information that still work in May 2022. In cause you do not know what leaked information ("leaks") are, they are images and code a game developer creates for unreleased content that they did not intend to have made public.

Prodigy has been outstanding at hiding lore content and storyline information. None of us from Prodigy Game Fanon Wiki have been able to access huge caches of lore from the source code, but I have learned from First Mate Phillip and some more accomplished data miners that accessing leaks is really easy as long as leaks are available. Prodigy is updated at a …

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AlyssSolo AlyssSolo 8 May

Water Warden

Making this for later on (+SEO), comment if I forgot anything.

|image1 = |gender = Male |species = Humanoid (Persumably Human/Wizard) |element = |location = Water Tower }}' is the Warden in Prodigy Math.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Role
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 Gallery
  • 7 References

He's a humanoid, specific details are yet to be revealed.

Yet to be revealed.

is one of the five Wardens: the Water Warden. It is known that the Puppet Master trapped him in his office, and it is the player's job to find the key on the eighth floor of the Water Tower to unlock the office and rescue him.
also gifts the player a Heroic Water Pet, when freeing her.

Yet to be revealed.

  • Aquadile and Diveodile both wear warden pedants, having a relation with him.

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How to speak Taco

Hi! I am your teacher for How To Speak Taco: Elementary

Hello= Tacolo Happy= Grasolo

Bye= Tanlo Sad= Grisolo

Good= Gridasim

Bad= Bridisam

Yes= Fra

No= Fro

Boy= Salono

Girl= Salana

Man= Drambo

Woman= Dramba

Bye bye! More lessons coming soon!

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StarSaraht0577 StarSaraht0577 1 May


Hi guys! I’m available to signatures, I’ll announce if I am not going to do them anymore! Thanks!

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Starting To Edit

Hello, everyone. I'm starting to edit more on the Prodigy Game Wiki, because I am being more concerned about earning badges. I want to earn them all, and I was hoping you'd guys know. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope you guys will start earning more badges as well! I will also start posting more on the Discussions, and also messaging people as well. Ask as much questions as you'd like. I'm gonna respond at the earliest convenience.

Sincerly, Draylon the Prodigy Player.

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Kyle Thundertorch Kyle Thundertorch 27 April

My first One

My Prodigy Status:

Name: Kyle Thundertorch

Level: 100

Buddy: Nebula

Pets: A LOT!

Wands: I forgot

relics: ancient ice or fire relics

Epics: Magmischief

Mythical Epics: Chill and Char, Aquadile, Nebula.

Armor: Celestial Armor

Shoes: Are a shoes or whatever it is called.

Head wear: Celestial Headwear

My Roblox Status:

Games played: a lot.

most favourite game: Epic Minigames, Deathrun and The CrusheR

Most Frequently played game: The CrusheR

Least frequently played game: BedWars (I am surprised.)

Level in:

Epic Minigames: Lvl 38

The CrusheR: Lvl 30 or 31.

Deathrun: Lvl 69

There is my status, oh, Prodigy English, almost forgot:

Name: N/A

Shirt: Red T-shirt

Pants: Black shorts

Shoes: Blue Sneakers

I have a lot of items, Electric scooter, Lamplight, stone bench, picnic ben…

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AlyssSolo AlyssSolo 26 April

Water Tower

Making this for later (2023) on (+SEO), comment if I forgot anything.

The ' is an eight-floor tower at the Academy in Prodigy Math. It is the fifth of the 6 Elemental Towers.

  • 1 NPCs (Non-Playable Characters)
  • 2 Instructions
  • 3 Encounters
  • 4 Prizes in the Water Tower
  • 5 Code
  • 6 References

  • Monsters (, , or )
  • Male humanoid (Water Warden)
  • Unknown

  • The player climbs the eight floors of the tower by completing battles. For each floor, they need to win three battles, allowing them to proceed to the next. There are 8 floors and 3 monsters per battle.
  • After completing these battles, the player obtains the Water Warden's Office Key.

  • River Neek
  • River Caller
  • River Creator

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3kMainer 3kMainer 26 April

Say NO to Prodigy Debunk post

I disagree with much of what they had on there, so let me rant a little (LIST 3k mode)...

Prodigy puts selling memberships above teaching math. - From the very start of this we see a problem, they don't see Prodigy for what it is. Prodigy is a math game, yes, and it DOES help kids learn math, the statistics on Prodigy's website are true, but Prodigy is also a business, and as a business it is their job to make money. Prodigy is a free to play game, ensuring that tens of millions of kids are able to play without any up front cost. This means that all those statistics Prodigy has are available to practically everybody. They say that in 19 minutes of play they saw 16 ads and only 4 math problems. While at face value that sounds terrible, you h…

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So, this is the wiki.

I haven't been on for many months, and my time here back in the winter was quite brief.

For a game wiki, this wiki uses a lot of proper grammar in both articles and posts.

I believe this wiki is strong, but it is possible it might come to thin ice soon.

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Luminiite Luminiite 20 April

Raymond Starheart


in Prodigy, I am:

Name: Raymond Starheart (My friend made me keep it when I told her I wanted to change it SO THATS ANNOYING-… but hey I’m fine with the name Raymond and I’ll listen to my friends)

Gender: In the game I’m boy but Im girl irl…(speaking of which, why can’t prodigy add a non binary gender? Why’s it just Boy and Girl? Also, they should add something like a name-changer, where you can change your name without changing your gender.)

Level: 99 (Ugh so close to 100!!)


Hat: Black Fang (which I had to do 50 bounties for so… yeh)

Outfit: Black Fang Coat (which I also had to do 50 bounties for~)

Wand: Titan Hunter Spear (I used the…

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AlyssSolo AlyssSolo 18 April

Easter Egg Hunt Rules ~ 2022

Hello PMGW! This is Solo, your admin. I'll be hosting our second wiki Easter Egg hunt! Sorry that this is a day late.

Q: How does this work?

A: I set up multiple "Easter Eggs" on my profile through the power of code! All you have to do is find them!

Q: How do I enter?

A: Record Screenshots and a quick summary of where you found each Easter egg and what it is on a Word document. Then when you found all you can find, copy and paste into the comments. Be sure to ping me like so: @AlyssSolo. I will then delete your comment (don't worry, I can still see it), and leave a note on your wall saying that your entry was received.

Q: Do we have to find eggs?

A: No, you don't. This is more like the "Easter Eggs" you find in games, e.g. a hidden message, link, or i…

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FireProdigy11 FireProdigy11 12 April

GuEsS WhAt

I uh, UH, made a wiki for the Prodigy Story :D Please consider helping!

Here's the link:

And, about the story, with the help of some friends, I condensed the chapters without removing much, but there have been some thing changed, for example, the part where Israel is told by the queen that he's most likely the Fire Prodigy (he actually is by the way, if you hadn't already guessed).

That's it for me this blog post, and again, please consider helping me with my wiki! Thanks!

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Paunchpaunch Paunchpaunch 5 April


These are the signatures that have been made for me:

☆Paunchpaunch☆ Made by Dia

☆Paunchpaunch☆ Also made by Dia (revised)

☆Paunchpaunch☆ Made by Dia, reworded by Knightly0314 to fix bugs

🔪🐰Paunchpaunch🐰🔪 Made by Jellybean Jade

Paunchpaunch 🐰 the killer bunny Made by Altered Shadows

Paunchpaunch 🐰 the killer bunny Also made by Altered Shadows

FRANCISCOTHEPRO Made by me, for Franciscothepro

ℙ𝕒𝕦𝕟𝕔𝕙ℙ𝕒𝕦𝕟𝕔𝕙 Made by Kidoceanix

Paunchpaunch Made by Hilary the wizard

Paunchpaunch Made by Moonbrxght

Paunchpaunch Made by TheIndigoDragon

I'm not your typical bunny, I'mPaunch🐰paunch 🗡killer bunny Made by Monsttacker

🐇Paunchpaunch🐇 Made by Heartleaf Clover

🔪🐰Paunchpaunch🔪🐰 Made by Vanxilla Vixan

🐰Paunch🐰paunch✏️Content Moderator✏️ Made by Jellybean Jade (yes)

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AlyssSolo AlyssSolo 25 March

Fire Warden

Making this for later on (+SEO), comment if I forgot anything.

|image1 = |gender = Female |species = Slime |element = |location = Fire Tower }}' is the Warden in Prodigy Math.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 Role
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 Gallery
  • 7 References

She's a slime, specific details are yet to be revealed.

Yet to be revealed.

is one of the five Wardens: the Fire Warden. It is known that the Puppet Master trapped her in her office, and it is the player's job to find the key on the eighth floor of the Fire Tower to unlock the office and rescue her.
also gifts the player a Heroic Fire Pet, when freeing her.

Yet to be revealed.

  • She is the only warden to have no relation with the Epics.

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3kMainer 3kMainer 8 March

March L.I.S.T (Legitimate Issues, Stupidity, and Tips)

March L.I.S.T.

'Aight another month, another long rant about problems in a math game for third graders. Boredom has hit rock-bottom.

MEMEbership - I have had many problems with Prodigy Memberships in months past, but this fits into that "stupidity" category. This month though, Prodigy made some mistake where you can collect your membership box, then collect your membership box, then collect your membership box, [ad infinitum] I think you know where I'm going with this. I did this for about 15 minutes (english class is a drag, am i right?) and got about 55 of the S'more wand thingies (apparently I chose the right month to use that free membership) and over 5500 shivers. If you have a membership right now and you find it works for you, I highl…

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Luna Starpetal Luna Starpetal 27 February

How to beat the Dark Tower EASILY

Now we all know that doing the dark tower may be easy, but it progressively gets harder every five floors. There might be pets in there with more hearts, more damage, or even a higher chance of critical damage. This would only apply to members, as for non-members, they can only climb the first five floors, which isn't really worth it.

If you really need some help finishing the dark tower, then maybe this blog post might help.

  • 1 clothing
  • 2 pets
  • 3 food
  • 4 attacks
  • 5 summary

What I usually mean by good clothing is that your wizard should wear clothes that have a more heart bonus. I would really consider wearing gear that has heart bonus 8 beccause right now, the gear that has heart bonus 8 is the one with the highest heart bonus, unless if you have the Tri…

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LeProdigyKitten LeProdigyKitten 26 February


my membership keeps deleting. can anyone tell me why?

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3kMainer 3kMainer 20 February

February L.I.S.T (Legitimate Issues, Stupidity, and Tips)

February L.I.S.T

Whoo its been a while, almost three months since I made the last LIST, and it was mostly because I didn't have much material. Now though, I got quite a bit. So, here we go;

English - Prodigy English is the second installment in SMARTTEACHER's effort to make learning fun for kids around the world. While I admire their effort and idealistic perspective on learning, life is far from ideal. Prodigy Math just went through one of the worst invasions of hackers in it's history, if not the biggest, and while this has now mostly passed (due to the addition of the report button) there are still plenty of hackers playing Prodigy every day. You tell me that the hacker situation in Prodigy English is gonna be better, you're crazy. The on…

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DoggoPerson DoggoPerson 17 February


  • 1 Editing
    • 1.1 Check again.
    • 1.2 Edit farming
    • 1.3 Images

Alright. I am kinda mad because, the page I made of Morph Marble: UFO got messed up. They removed the items. And replaced it with the buddy icon. Which is Alien Joy Ride.

Please recheck. Do not just go ahead and save. You can switch tabs for information. But that doesn’t mean you can press save. The image and item thing might get replaced and you maybe damaged the gallery to.

I think the page I made, it had some edit farming there. I dont know man.. And edit in 1 go instead of making 10 edits or something.

This happened to my page. They removed the item template and replaced it with the Alien Joy Ride icon image.

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Loding123 Loding123 16 February

What If He Was Still There

I believe Dakota is still with me,I will miss him for ever and I will always think about him. I know he will always be in my hart. I promised I would go where he did. I even joined him in the kitchen on the floor. when he passed (on my birth day) I was sad sadder then ever. I just wish he was hear with me.

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ShadowBlade84 ShadowBlade84 16 February


I have a question which is what all can you do on this website besides look at other's posts and questions and edit your own page, and talk to people? also how do you send a message to whoever created this website? Also I spend about 2 hours a day on here because it's so entertaining to read what others have to say.

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