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This article is for the new Arena. For the old Arena, see Coliseum.

Arena is an area in Prodigy Math where the player can challenge wizards for gold, runes, or items.


The inside of Harmony Island Arena

The inside of the Harmony Island Arena

Prince E. Spell shows the player how the Arena works before letting them handle it on their own. He occasionally checks in on them encouragingly, normally when they lose.

Like Harmony Island, the player can use Runes to assist them in battle. Note that opponent(s) can use items unlike the Coliseum, which forbids it; and vary in level, since they replicate actual players.


Every time the player earns 125 points, they can open a chest. The chest order alternates between member and non-member. These chests contain items, furniture, Runes, and even buddies. Every 500 points, the player goes up a rank. This can be viewed in Season Progress.


Prince E. Spell is the wizard who runs the Arena. He claims to have created it to help people become powerful enough to challenge The Ancient, implying the arena mainly targets players who did not complete The Ancient's trials.


The player needs at least one Rune to participate in the Arena, meaning that they must be Level 20+ to participate. They do not have to complete Harmony Island to participate.


  • Arc of Light (May 20th, 2021 to September 29th, 2021)
  • Food Fight (October 7th, 2021 to February 8th, 2022)
  • Enter The Cosmos (February 15th, 2022 to June 9th 2022)
  • Battle of Beetles (June 16th, 2022 to October 16th, 2022)

How to Enter

  • Click on the trophy icon on the Hotbar. Then click, "Go to Arena."
  • Go to Harmony Island and click on the teleport crystal. Then click, "Go Battle!"
  • Head to Lamplight Town, then head right.


Note that most of these are Arena-exclusive.

Arc Of Light Rewards

Bronze League

Silver League

Gold League

Top 5 Player Prizes

Food Fight Rewards

Bronze League

Silver League

Gold League

Enter The Cosmos Rewards

Bronze League

Silver League

Gold League

Battle of Beetles Rewards

Bronze League

Silver League

Gold League

Random Rewards


  • It's possible to see a player's name through the empty space by walking to the far right.
  • Like the old Arena, the player cannot use Epic Attacks or All-Out Attacks, and Spell Power Bonuses have little to no effect.
  • There is a resolved bug where everybody's eye color on the leaderboard is black. However, if a wizard is wearing Sunglasses, their real eye color will be visible.
  • If the player earns a rune in the arena the same level as the next trial they will take, it will light up a blue flame in Harmony Island.
  • If the player clicks the trophy and "Welcome Back" appears, then the div's background doesn't appear. (See Glitches for the inventory glitch.)
  • Normally, seasons would reward the player with the boots for the set first, then the hat, outfit, and wand. Now, reaching Tier 3 gives rewards the hat, Tier 2 the outfit, and Tier 1 the boots, wand, and trophy for that League.
  • The gold plate in the main room resembles the one in the Gold Arena, along with the tiling and pillars.
  • The max points a player can earn is 4500. There is no rank beyond Gold.
  • The Arena is not affected by Events.
  • According to Prodigy Support, if a player loses 5 "offline battles" within 72 hours, the player will not be shown as a potential challenger for other wizards. This prevents the player from losing too many trophies.
  • There is a glitch where when you don’t touch anything in the ‘Choose a Challenger’, it makes the offline player have no hair, eyes, or runes, it sometimes happens in Leaderboards too.
  • Battle of Beetles is so far the only season without morphs, throwables, buddies or Legendary equipment in its rewards.