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Frog Wizard Hood #147: Frog Wizard Hood
Hat Number 148
#149: Crystal Hood Crystal Hood

Ancient Wizard Set is a hat in Prodigy Math.


It is a frayed bluish-gray hat with a white beard attached. There are two patches in the hat, one butterscotch yellow, and one brown. That patch is stitched, and a similar strip seems to be attached around the middle.

In-Game Description

"Not all wizards have gray beards and crumpled hats, but with this set you can look the part."

Obtainment Methods

The player can obtain this hat by purchasing it from the Academy Merchant for 160 AcademyPages.png Academy Pages.

Perfect Pairing


  • This is not a set despite the title. It's just a hat, and no other accessories besides a false beard.
  • This is the icon of the hat shop in Tower Town, even though it isn't sold there.
  • This may be a reference to how wizards are depicted in stories.
  • This is the only hat that obscures part of the player's face.
  • It has nothing to do with The Ancient despite its name. Harmony Island similarly has its own sets.
  • There was a glitch when worn on a male avatar, one side of the beard was hidden behind the avatar's torso. However, this has been patched.


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